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So yeah. I guess an introduction post is due. Nonsense is a comic about mundanity, adulthood and two awkward students who form a tentative relationship with each other. It will update bi weekly on Sundays and Wednesdays! I’m updating the first page in full but future updates with have little thumbnails! All updates will be made here but I’ll make a weekly post on my main blog with both the updates! Cool! Have a look if you want!

Also, this is the first website I’ve ever made, so I’m aware it’s a little clunky, but in time I’ll be updating it with a character page (WOAH!) a nicer/cleaner layout (WOW) and maybe things like a donate button and an FAQ (MAYBE!)

Hi friends! Although I’ve not posted a huge amount in comparison to a lot of other artists, this thing is my scratchy, messy baby and I’d love it if you’d be able to check this out. (And also let me know if the website is horribly broken I tried okay I’m sorry)